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Terry Thompson 


“If you seek PERFECTION in everything, you will achieve it in nothing”

How many times have you moved something around just after you put it there looking for that perfect angle? How often do you write something down, erase it, and re-write it 100 times until it is perfect? Have you changed clothes, re-applied your makeup, or fixed your hair so many times in the morning and just can’t get it right? It is possible that you could be obsessed with PERFECTIONISM.

If you get bent out of shape just because something is not perfect, you will find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster ride that will lead you nowhere. There is nothing wrong with the imperfections in life. They are there to remind us that nobody is more perfect than God. The bible has taught us that nobody is perfect. ‘For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’ (Rom 3:23).

This verse reminds us that everyone has sinned and falls short of the glory of God. But even though we are imperfect, God loves us just the same no matter what we do. Below are some tips that will help you overcome PERFECTIONISM.

• Become aware of your tendencies
• See the positive, not the negative
• Set achievable goals/expectations
• Learn to laugh and don’t let anyone steal your joy
• Study successful people
• Get over yourself
• Understand that rejection is not the end
• Understand that constructive criticism is not meant to destroy you, but help you, from another perspective
• Acknowledge your achievements instead of failures (the 80/20 rule)
• Quit comparing yourself to others
• Enjoy the journey, instead of complaining about the path
• Love yourself and what you do

These are just a few. Join the conversation and let me know what tips you have to OVERCOME PERFECTIONISM.

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