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“Just when you think it’s over, it’s just begun”

This statement has two sides to it depending on your attitude towards the situation which has both a positive and a negative. The negative side to it is when you you think it’s over and you “give up” then, you’re right, “it’s over”. But, if you look at this from a positive perspective and think of this as an opportunity, then your journey to something better has just begun.

After all, if you have hit rock bottom and think it’s over, there is nowhere to go but up, thus beginning your journey to something better than where you previously were. So my challenge to you is this; when you think you have hit bottom and it looks like it’s over, embrace the idea that it’s not over but the beginning to something better.

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  1. Hi, Terry! It’s me, again. Look, I totally agree on what you say here. I’ve decided to take the positive standing. Right now, I’m experiencing a “going up”, because I decided to take the challenge and move from my “comfort zone”. I’ve made up my mind and started to get prepare to become a ISO 9001 “lead auditor”. Currently, I’m an internal auditor and English teacher. Keep sharing, friend, you’re enriching people’s lives and igniting them to speed up. Cheers.

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