What it takes to be a MENTOR

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

A MENTOR is an influential person who serves as a wise and trusted advisor or guide. I like to look at a MENTOR as a helping hand that can assist you to grow and develop to your fullest potential, kind of like big hands helping little hands grow and develop by planting the seeds that have the potential to become something great. How often have you seen someone and thought to yourself, “that person motivates me, I want to be just like that person”. This person that you look up to is a person of influence that can serve as a MENTOR to guide you along a path to becoming something or someone bigger than you are, allowing you to become who you were meant to be, and fulfill your greatest potential. Everyone has potential to be greater than they are, but that potential has to be identified and nurtured like seeds in the ground can be nurtured into a tree with the potential of bearing fruit. You have to be nurtured into becoming a person of influence and success by identifying your MENTOR and following in the footsteps that have made them successful as well.

Over the next few issues of “The Tank” we will discuss the concepts I believe makes a person a MENTOR and they are Motivator, Enabler, Negotiator, Teacher, Organizer, and Recruiter.

In this issue I want to discuss the concept of being a MOTIVATOR. A MOTIVATOR is a person of influence that stimulates others toward action to accomplish things that must be done. A MOTIVATOR has a big circle of influence and uses that influence to give other people the drive and determination to succeed through their example. I have often heard people say “you motivate me”. For a long time they used to be just words I would hear and never really thought anything of them until I started asking them back “what is it that I do that motivates you”? The responses I received were interesting and broad ranging but the most common answer I received was “you motivate me by the things you do”. So, if you look at motivation in that sense, it is a word of action that stimulates others to want to emulate what you do as they believe it will lead them to success.


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